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These are Korean podcasts aimed at people who already speak Korean. Learners of Korean will be able to choose a podcast that they find interesting and follow that podcast to help improve their Korean language skills. These podcasts are great ways to learn Korean online free, although you will need some Korean speaking skills before you start listening. The podcasts cover various topics so you can find a podcast for a topic that you are interested in to help you discuss that topic in Korean.

The following podcasts in Korean are sorted alphabetically by subject:

Acupuncture – 사암침과 한의학 (Saam Acupuncture and Korean Medicine)
Authors – 오마이TV 저자와의 대화 (OhmyTV)
Basketball – 농구 토크 파울 아웃 (Basketball Talk: Foul Out)
Beauty – 에스테틱 살롱
Books – 김영하의 책 읽는 시간 (Youngha Kim’s Book Reading Hour)
Buddhism – 가르침의 진정 – 테라와다불교 해피스님
Christianity – 나는 복음이다 (I am the Gospel)
Classical Music – 이지 클래식 (Early Classic)
Comedy – 왓더뻑 (Watdepuck!)
Confucianism  – 학자들의 수다 (Scholars’ Tea Time)
Crime – 고상만의 수사반장(Sangman Ko’s Investigation)
Current Affairs – 이상호 GO발뉴스(Sangho Lee’s Gobal News)
Current Affairs with a different perspective – 이상호 GO발뉴스(Dr. Lee and Writer Lee’s Yiyijeyi)
Dating – 나는 연애 고수다 (The Dating Master)
“Emotional Topics” – 훈훈한 그 남자의 하루 이야기
Football – 데일리 풋볼리스트 (Footballist)
Foreign Travel- 탁피티의 여행수다
Games – Retro Box
Government- 김종대 정욱식의 진짜 안보
Hanja – 일타쌍피 한자특강 Hanja Class
Health – 라디오 주치의 이충헌입니다 (Your Radio Doctor)
History- 박시백의 조선왕조실록
Humanities – 인문 라디오 Humanity Radio
Japanese – 아부나이 니홍고 (Abunai Nihongo)
Jobs – 히든잡쇼 (Hidden Job Show)
LGBT Life in Korea – 별일없이산다 (Nothing Special)
Marathons – 마라톤 톡 (Marathon Talk)

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Meditation – 원빈스님 매일 15분 행복명상
Movies – 딴지영진공 (DDANJI Movie Talk)
Movie Soundtracks (Radio Broadcast made into podcasts) – 정은임의 영화음악
Music – 편파 음악감상실 (One Sided Music)
Music and Talk – 하이 피델리티 (High Fidelity)
New York Life – 뉴욕 노가리 (New York Nogary)
News – 조상운의 뉴스바 (Sang-woon Cho’s News Bar)
News – 이강윤의 오늘
North Korea – RFA 자유아시아방송
Politics – 노. 유. 진. 의 정치카페
Psychology – 심리해부 토크쇼: 살려는 드릴게
Relationships – 정영진의 불금쇼
Science – Prof. Heejun Kim’s Universe and Life
Science and Science News- 파토의 과학하고 앉아있네 (Science With People)
Sex – 고수들의 성 아카데미 (Master’s Sex Academy)
Sexuality – 구성애의 아우성 시즌 1
Soccer- 고품격 축구 전문 방송 오프 사이드 (High Quality Soccer Cast: Offside)
Tea – 프로젝트 T (Project T)
Traditional Korean medicine – 한의사 강용혁의 심통부리기 (Grumpy Dr Kang)
World History – 타박타박 세계사
Wrestling (WWE) – 레디 투 럼블 (Ready to Rumble)

Learn Korean Online

You can also find some podcasts for Learning Korean here. These are specifically designed for Korean learners rather than the podcasts we review above which are designed for native-level Korean speakers. We believe that both learning Korean podcasts and native Korean podcasts are a great way to learn and improve your Korean at different stages of the learning process.

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