Retro Box Korean Games podcast

Name of Podcast: Retro Box

What topics are covered: World famous video games from the ’90s such as Super Mario, Rockman, Final Fantasy, Sonic, and Arcade are the topic of each episode.

Why is it good to listen? Did you grow up with 8-bits Super Mario? And you are a person who loves video games still? Great. The conversation in this podcast will entertain you and bring your memories back of the ’90s. The hosts talk about the actual game, other versions, playing experience, characters, and video gaming platforms.

This Korean podcast can be found on iTunes here.

How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast is updated quite irregularly but basically it is updated weekly.

Length of the podcasts: Each episode is about one hour to two hours long.

Description: The two game lovers, Min and Ash, who have been playing the games since the ’90s talk about “old school” video games. They share the memories of certain games. Starting with why they brought the game, they discuss the chapters and stages of the game, the specific items, special villains, and the next version. That’s pretty much it. You might get lost in the conversation if you are not interested in this field. The podcaster’s Korean language is very casual with slang, and they talk quite quickly. A little knowledge of this gaming field would be a great help to understand the conversation.

Summary: Interesting Korean conversation about 1990s video games.

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