Prof. Heejun Kim’s Universe and Life Podcast

Name of Podcast: 김희준 교수의 우주와 생명 (Prof. Heejun Kim’s Universe and Life) (Phonetic: Gimhijun gyosuui ujuwa saengmyong)

What topics are covered: Big bang Theory, human evolution, chemical evolution, and creation

Why is it good to listen? This is a Korean college lecture of Dr. Kim who had been conducting this same lecture for 15 years in Seoul National University. This is targeting the students who do not have a scientific background knowledge so it is not too difficult to learn and understand.

The podcast can be found on iTunes here

How often are the podcasts updated? This Korean podcast is not being updated any more. There 50 episodes available.

Length of the podcasts: Each episode is about twenty minutes long.

Description: Dr. Kim wants to share his well-known lecture on The World of Natural Science with the public. Although this lecture is aiming at the students of the College of Humanity, Dr. Kim did not want them to learn basic knowledge only. So he explains how the universe which is made by The Big Bang and through the evolution of the stars, and how those elements affected the Earth to have all the lives and the human evolution.

Dr. Kim speaks very slowly in Korean to make sure that the students understand the concept. His voice is clear but the students’ voices are not clear most of the time. The episode 1 to 37 is in Korean language, and in episode 38 and above Dr. Kim conducts the lecture in English.

Summary: The lecture titled the World of Natural Science by Dr. Heejun Kim of Seoul National University.

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