RFA 자유아시아방송 Radio Free Asia Korean Daily Show

Name of Podcast: RFA 자유아시아방송 (Radio Free Asia Korean Daily Show) (Phonetic: RFA jayoo ahsiaa bahngsong)

What topics are covered: The latest news of nations near the Korean peninsula is covered. However, most of the news is related to South and North Korea’s relationship, their own issues and the story of North Korean defectors.

Why is it good to listen? This will be the only podcast that focuses on South and North Koreans, and the podcast is targeting the North Korean listeners who cannot normally access to the South Korean radio stations. Many guests of this podcast are people from North Korea who are now living in the South.

This may be the only one podcast that you can hear the North Korean accents.

This Korean podcast can be found on iTunes here.

How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast is updated daily.

Length of the podcasts: Two episodes are updated every day. The first episode is about 4 hours long and the second one is 1 hour long.

Description: This is a radio program which aired in Washington D.C. and it covers news related to North and South Korea, the key information for the N.K. defectors, and real life stories of N.K defectors. The key purpose of this radio is to communicate with the people of North and educate them the real news of the world which is not easily accessible to the people of North.

This radio has a strict rule which is the hosts and guests cannot indicate any intensions regarding escaping North Korea. They only talk about the facts to inform the people of North. To increase the familiarity to those people, this radio program uses many reporters who speak the North accents. This might be a main difficulty to non-native students of Korean.

Summary: This is the podcast which is focusing on North and South Korea related news. The listeners will hear various Korean accents including North Korean dialects.

Related website: http://www.rfa.org/korean/

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